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Dave "Rock" Cowles
Cogito Ergo Periculosus - I Think, Therefore, I am Dangerous

Rock Cowles 01/15/16
 I'm Rock Cowles, a graphic artist, specializing in 3D caricatures, Flash animation, web site design, custom logos, and t-shirt and business card design.

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I first began designing web sites in 1993. After designing several for my own business, I began to have other businesses approach me and ask to do sites for them. I've specialized in web sites for tattoo and piercing shops, dog breeders, and small churches, but have also created web sites for corporations, two bookstores, a day care, a BBQ Sauce & Rub company, a boarding kennel, political organizations, an interior design company, a business card company, a cellphone store, an investment company, a tattoo supply company, a Bluegrass organization, a quilter, a bicycle shop, two custom whip makers, clothing lines, clubs, and others.

I do a tremendous amount of graphic design work, including logos, maker's marks, humorous illustration, tattoo design, simple animation,
T-shirt & business card design, product labels, banners, decals, and more!

My caricatures have been seen in books and newspapers, on television, billboards, magazines, business cards, ads, flyers, and t-shirts. I have yet to break into radio!

3D Rock South Park Caricature

I do my best to create a fun likeness while trying to find a balance between mercy, humor, and accuracy.

I firmly believe a good caricature looks more like you than you do!

Talk Like A Pirate Day

I do not, at present, do live caricatures, parties, or events. I have chosen instead to focus on doing studio caricatures in the relative safety of my studio in
upstate, South Carolina.

Please visit me at: Twisted Faces for more info!

My wonderful daughter,Raeny, is my greatest teacher.

Rock & Raeny Cowles 04/25/14

I am a former police officer, soldier, sailor, tattoo artist, & body piercer. I am a member of Mensa , LEAP, an ordained minister , and a South Carolina Notary Public.

I am currently the treasurer fo the Spartanburg County Libertarian Party.

My 2010 Giant Boulder

Some of my interests include reading, dogs, women (I'd like to find a good one!), writing, emergency preparedness, irreligion, Improv, MMA/UFC, LEAP, volleyball, Libertarianism, Knife design, knife collecting, shooting sports, Mensa, travel, privacy, recreational bicycling, philosophy, darts, pool, facebook, tattoo design, spending time with friends, and movies.


My faithful dog, Girly.

My faithful dog, Girly.

Jack Davis & Dave Cowles

I was fortunate enough to be able to meet MAD Magazine's Jack Davis 
at the Southeast Chapter of the National Cartoonist Society's gathering
in Asheville, NC on September 26, 2009. Great guy!

  Dave Cowles


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 "Political correctness is tyranny with manners." - Charlton Heston

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