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Kowulz Design

Graphic Design

I can handle about any job, whether it is creating an individual image, logo, illustration, theme, short animation, or series of illustrations for on-line or print media.

Tru-Flo Catheter Valve Review Illustration

Giant Bikes Logo Concept by Kowulz Design

Short Animations
3D Caricature with Simple Animation

Kowulz 'Cuda ©2009 Kowulz Design

Coye Knives

UDN Swivelhead

LEAP www.LEAP.cc


Kowulz Persian Walrus Kitten
Photo Manipulation 

Kowulz Toonz
Logo Design

3D Wilson of Castaway by Rock Cowles      

Fun Stuff

UPS BItten

HWY 420 Animation

KSR Blades

Two color and multi-color logos

2 Color & Full Color Logos


Super Detroit Lions 



Eat. Sleep. Facebook. Kowulz Design. 

 Kowulz Bike Route sign

Drew's Crew Run For Life

United Anarchists Local 864

Kowulz Design

Social Network Icons ©Kowulz Design

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