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Kowulz Design


I can create, recreate, & animate logos that are anywhere
from simple to elaborate depending upon your
wants, needs, & budget.

Logo Packages

Logo Package #1 includes a fully custom color logo with a black and white variation for only *$130.00 (PayPal). This includes the logo in different sizes and both GIF and JPG formats with both light and dark backgrounds (or I can match a web site background color). I also include an avatar with the logo. I can work with your concept, sketch, or old logo or create it from scratch.

*This price will go up if I have to do more than a few concepts after we have talked. Sadly there are people who only know SOME of what they DON'T want and not at all what they do want. It is a lot of extra work and frustrating for all.

Logo Package #2 includes everything in Logo Package #1 and adds a business card layout, a single color T-shirt design (front and back) incorporating the logo and your information (for web use), and a simple animation for your web site. All of this for only $210.00 total (PayPal). A color T-shirt design is by quote. T-shirts and business cards are not included. This is for design work only, but I will point you towards excellent printers.

A 50% non-refundable kill fee is required before beginning any work.
 Custom artwork like this has little or no value to anyone other than the person or company it was created for.

M. Martinez Knives

Tattoo Wearhouse

Da Bears Bearhead

Logo Concept for VAQ-132 Scorpions

Alaska BBQ Supply logo concept - Kowulz Design

Porcilla™ ©Kowulz.com

Bicycle Times

Vote Libertarian

Masonic Square and Compass

Carnal Arts

United Ararchists Local 864

Duck Butter logo reworked

Gear Head Works

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Janik Knives


United Anarchists Local 864

ISCA logo redone


Upstate Cyclists

WorkKnife.com logo

United Anarchists Local 864

Steve Janik Cabinetry

 Rock Kanji Avatar


Repeal Marijuana Prohibition

 Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock




 Masonic Square & Compass Modernized

Drew's Crew Concept