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KnifeDogs Member Special


I have been doing a special for Knife Dogs members. I include a logo and make a black and white variation for a makers mark for $130.00 (PayPal). This includes the logo in different sizes and both GIF and JPG formats with both light and dark backgrounds (or I can match a web site background color). I also include an avatar with the logo.

I need to know: Will your logo or a form of it also be your makers mark? If so, will it be a stamp or a stencil? How big are your knives and will the makers mark fit in a small ricasso or go on a big blade? These are all important considerations.

Knife Dogs welcome

I think the type of knives you make should be reflected in your company name and logo, all part of your business identity.

This price will go up if I have to do more than a few concepts after we have talked. Sadly there are people who only know SOME of what they DON'T want and not at all what they do want. It is a lot of extra work and frustration trying to please them!

I require a 50% non-refundable kill fee before beginning work. Custom artwork like this has little or no value to anyone other than the person it was created for.

If you want to add a business card layout, a single color T-shirt design (front and back) incorporating the logo and your information (for web use), and a simple animation for your web site I do it all for just $210.00 (PayPal).

Dan Keffeler 

In addition to the special, you can add the following:

Five thousand full color, UV coated, double sided cards, shipped CONUS, for one hundred and fifty dollars.

Twenty five color T-shirts with one color print on one side only two hundred dollars!

(subject to vendor availability)

Coye Knives

If you already have a makers mark or logo and just want to spruce it up, I can work with that, or create a design from scratch based on your ideas, mine or both.




I have designed and redesigned logos and makers marks as well as done 3D caricatures, business card layouts, T shirt designs, banners, ads, decals, and knife designs, animated logos for several Knife Dogs including Tracy Mickley (KnifeDogs/USAKnifemaker.com), Bill Coye (Coye Knives), Steve Janik (Janik Knives), A.W. Stovall, Jim Williams (JKR Knives), P.D. Smith (Possum Knifeworks), Chad Cunningham, David Murphy, Olli Mendl, Dave Curtiss (Curtiss Knives/Great lakes Waterjet), Les Voorhies, Dan Keffeler, and several others.

I don't believe you can beat my prices and I hope the quality of my work speaks for itself.

Janik Knives

If you are looking for just a simple maker's mark it might be less than $130.00. I will need the maximum dimensions you want it to be whether it will be on the ricasso or the blade itself.

I reserve the right to use any artwork I create for self promotion unless other arrangements are made in advance in writing.

Please feel free to call me afternoons or evenings at (864) 266-1932.

I expect my rates to increase to
the point of becoming reasonable!

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