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Every tattoo artist or piercer working at 
Ink Link TattooTattooing UChaos Tattooing
gets a personal web page on their shops site. 

We will post your name and or nickname, schedule (if you'd like), photo, and you can add a portfolio of your tattoo or piercing photographs by doing the following:

Adding pictures to Your Shop Web Page, MySpace, personal page, Inked Nation, etc.

If any artists or piercers want pictures posted on their page of the Ink Link Tattoo, Tattooing UChaos Tattooing web sites, please do the following;

1) Open a free account at www.photobucket.com.

2). Post any pictures they want on their page on to PhotoBucket

3) Open a free account at www.Slide.com

4) Post their pictures from PhotoBucket on to Slide. (Alternatives: Use www.PictureTrail.com, www.flickr.comwww.smilebox.com or picasa.google.com instead of Slide and Photobucket)

5) E-mail me with the code from Slide.com. Include their name, shop, and e-mail address if they have one, and I will paste it onto their page. I will cloak any e-mail addresses I post. If there is nudity or profanity in any of the pictures, THEY MUST TELL ME in their e-mail. If they do not, the Ink Link sites could be blocked by NetNanny and other parental filters. We do not want that to happen!!! If they have any nudity or profanity or add any later without notifying me first, their pictures will not be posted or will be removed from the site until Jeff says otherwise.

With PhotoBucket and Slide, the artist/piercer can add or remove any pictures they want. The code will remain the same once I paste it the first time.

www.irfanview.com has a freeware viewer called, surprisingly enough, Irfanview. It is a great program that will allow them to resize, crop, or touch up their pictures to help their page (and therefore them) to look professional.

If there are artists/piercers who can't create their own slide show, they can get their pictures to me on a CD ROM and I will scan, crop, resize, clean up, and post up to twenty photos. Call me for pricing. The Slide Shows do look better and are autonomous, so the artists can make their own changes, when they want.

E-mail me SOON if you want to take advantage of this.

I can add a link for your MySpace account and Facebook account on your page also if you would like.

Thanks. Please feel free to call me with any questions. (864) 381-8750.

Also, please keep me updated on any changes, including personnel at your shop, so I can try to keep the web sites updated.